Knee Bracing

Flex is delighted to now be able to offer bracing for specific knee conditions after partnering with the world-renowned orthotics company, Ossur.

What is Knee Bracing?

Knee Bracing is an effective, low risk and reliable option to manage specific knee joint conditions. It can often provide more or less immediete and long-term pain relief, thus improving your quality of life and increasing your activity levels.

It is designed to improve your mobility and help you better manage your knee joint condition. The use of knee bracing for conditions such as Osteoarthritis is supported by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who produce stringent evidence based guidance.

Bracing can also be used to improve knee stability in patients who have had major trauma to their knee such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) ruptures, either before or after any potential surgical intervention.

Why use Knee Bracing for Osteoarthritis?

Bracing can, in some instances, be used as an alternative option to knee surgery for knee Osteoarthritis. It is designed to preserve an osteoarthritic joint and reduce the demand on damaged areas of the joint. Not only does this lead to pain relief, but it can delay the need for potential half or full knee replacements. If you have osteoarthritis and pain in one compartment of the knee, then a brace may help significantly reduce your pain. Quite often a knee x-ray is beneficial prior to bracing, in order to assess the severity of knee osteoarthritis.

What type of bracing can we offer?

● Bracing for Medial (inner compartment) Knee Osteoarthritis – Unloader One X

● Bracing for Lateral (outer compartment) Knee Osteoarthritis – Unloader One X

● Bracing for unstable knees due to isolated or combined ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL injury, both pre or post operatively – CTi Brace

● Bracing for Patella (knee cap) subluxation/dislocation or Patellofemoral Pain (lateral knee cap maltracking e.g. runners knee) – Formfit Tracker

About the Unloader One X

● Breathable and skin friendly material
● Designed to mould to the shape of your leg
● Lightweight
● Machine washable to aid cleaning
● Self-dosing pain relief mechanism with simple dial adjustments
● New stylish and low profile frame
● Tailored to size of leg

See more about the Unloader One X here.

Unloader One X

About the CTi Brace

● Simple application and removal
● Lightweight and breathable
● Robust stability to prevent tibial translation
● Rigid carbon composite frame
● Tailored to size of leg
● Designed for minimum maintenance and care

About the Formfit Tracker

● Dynamic knee cap support
● Lightweight and breathable
● Machine washable to aid cleaning
● Tailored to size of leg
● Adjustable to shape of knee and position knee cap


The Unloader One X brace is supplied and fitted for £599. We will need to see you again within 3-4 weeks to review the fitting and fine tune the brace, after this the brace will not need any adjusting. Our expert clinicians will guide you through the fitting and ensure this can be done independently by the patient.

If you are insured, it is worth asking your insurer if they will cover the bracing costs. We can confirm that AXA patients are covered with regards to supply, fitting and one follow up for an Unloader brace.

Please get in touch with us should you want to discuss any of the braces or if you an unsure if a brace will help you.

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