What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps to reduce pain and disability, promotes recovery and restores function.

What we treat:

At Flex we specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Some of the common conditions we treat are:

  • ● Spinal problems
  • ● Soft tissue injuries
  • ● Ligament injuries
  • ● Tendon problems
  • ● Sporting injuries
  • ● Arthritis
  • ● Recovery following surgery

What does treatment involve?

Because the types of patients we see are so varied, we do not use a one size fits all approach. Physiotherapy treatment may involve a combination of manual therapy (including soft tissue techniques, mobilisation and manipulation), and movement and exercise based therapy (including biomechanical evaluation or exercise based rehabilitation).

Why choose Flex?

The clinicians at Flex are at the forefront of the profession clinically and we therefore have referral rights for diagnostic tests such as MRI. We have a state of the art ultrasound scanning machine and we are able to offer injections, including ultrasound guided injections where we guide the needle into place using the guidance of the ultrasound machine. 


Whatever your need, we will tailor your physiotherapy management to help you achieve your full potential.  

Ready To book?

All appointments can be easily booked online but if you would prefer to discuss your needs prior to booking we can also take bookings over the telephone - To make an appointment please call 07421 017684.