Ultrasound Guided Injections


Flex Physiotherapy is pleased to announce a new ultrasound service providing both diagnostic scans and ultrasound guided injection techniques at our Burgess Hill clinic. We aim to offer a fast and hassle-free approach helping patients gain a clear diagnosis and alleviate pain with injections for numerous musculoskeletal conditions where indicated.

Bringing considerable experience in Musculoskeletal ultrasound practice and teaching Matt Prout will lead the ultrasound service. He is an ultrasound clinical educator for both Sports Medicine Ultrasound Group  and the University of East London. As a qualified Independent Prescriber of medication, we can offer you a ‘one stop shop’ approach to care.

What are the advantaged of using ultrasound to guide injections?

Improved accuracy — Ultrasound provides detailed images of real-time anatomy with precise placement of a needles.

Improved safety — Having such precise visualisation of needles throughout the entire injecting process improves overall safety. Ultrasound pictures are created using sound waves at a high frequency. They also do not use harmful ionizing radiation.

Reduced procedural pain — Ultrasound-guided injections are typically quicker and less painful than unguided injections.

How do I book?


For more information or to book for an ultrasound and / or an injection you can call us on 07421 017684 or email direct to requesting an appointment. Alternatively you can book online by clicking below. A medical screening and consent form will be sent prior to your appointment. Further information regarding injection therapy will be provided. On some occasions we will need further information prior to injections. Examples may include if you are taking warfarin or other blooding thinning agents. It may also be suggested X-Rays are taken prior to certain injections.

Pricing can be found HERE

Please note:


● The service is for patients 18 years or over.

● We currently only take self-paying patients.

● We do not assess or scan for lumps, bumps, or hernias.


Ready To book?

All appointments can be easily booked online but if you would prefer to discuss your needs prior to booking we can also take bookings over the telephone - To make an appointment please call 07421 017684.